Since Dec 2015, Kexlin Software Solutions has been delivering end-to-end package development, quality assurance and support solutions to purchasers starting from firms to startups altogether stages of funding.

Kexlin is a premier full service development and quality assurance partner, specializing within the development of time-sensitive and innovative , mobile and on-premises solutions. For our purchasers package may be a crucial success issue. To each project, we have a tendency to bring a mixture of domain experience, exceptional engineering talent, rigorous best practices, commitment to protection of client’s science and responsibleness of a Asian country company with over 3 years of impeccable reputations .

Kexlin Software Solutions is a skilled package, web site development company primarily based in Asian country that endeavor on extremely skilled, timely delivered and value effective package, web site development services. We have a tendency to square measure extremely old in providing offshore package development and project management. A number of our services embody Strategic Technology Consulting, System Integration Development, SEO, iOS, get together stigmatisation solutions, consumer server application, E-commerce package development, Content management development, E- governance package, internet application development, E-Commerce development, info application development. During a short span of your time Kexlin package answer has developed account with a purported business everywhere the Asian country. Today, we offer services, support and solutions to purchasers in numerous trade verticals. A couple of from the trade verticals that we have a tendency to work closely square measure innovative technology firms, laurels cordial reception establishments, instructional establishments, well-known gold merchants, garment homes, money sectors.

Kexlin Software Solutions has with success delivered well solutions to many purchasers. Our customers vary from massive companies to dynamic startups, from package vendors and different firms to digital health care innovators, app vendors, promoting companies, money services suppliers, publishers and academic establishments.

We have formed a clean, economical approach for getting into and exiting development and processes at the correct time, victimization the correct resources. Our long and in depth account has equipped us with the flexibility to produce fast, efficient solutions that mix seamlessly with the merchandise and business strategy, infrastructure analysis, web site style, internet development ,SEO, iOS apps, robot apps, google keywords, get together stigmatisation solutions.

Strategic Technology Consulting

Kexlin perceive that technology should keep and be in complete consonance with the competitive ways of our purchasers and businesses we have a tendency to service. In tune with this principle, we've worked closely with our purchasers in understanding their business processes and therefore the challenges they face within the knowledge driven modern era. Etymologizing business intelligence from business knowledge is as monumental challenge that our purchasers face. By developing custom created answer for every trade we've helped our purchasers reap the fullest rewards of next generation package technologies. Our team of business strategy adviser generates new knowledge structures that match the stress of business plans with a group of the newest data tools. Our team has worked closely with technology management groups in leading consulting firms over the globe. Our groups of core package specialist have gained valuable expertise within the style of latest models of information driven business ways in major medium, finance, producing and Banking firms.


Our efforts specialise in idea, design, development and re-engineering of internet businesses. we have a tendency to square measure operating closely with package majors on new applications for user demographics to the history of purchase selections with instant comparisons from distributed databases. Efforts on to style and develop advanced knowledge structures and tools that might be useful for firms to trace and analyze purchase selections instantly for promoting intelligence systems. We have a tendency to are operating closely with our purchasers to assist them leverage the intra internet style beside the net style for the fast and immediate capturing of user orders.

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