ALA Hostels

Project Details

Alahostels is an online hostel booking portal. our platform is indeed a great alternative to physical searching for hostel seekers.

We have experience in emerging technologies which allows us to use IT innovatively in niche areas and add value to our clients.

ALAHostels has been evolved as a niche product to cater to the needs of both clients(hostel owners) and end customers.

ALA Hostels provides secure payment through online with registration offers on the hostel rent.

Alahostels is a weapon with a value proposition that helps our clients(hostel owners) in advertising their hostel through ALA & for our customer(hostel seekers) reduces the physical search of hostels i.e no chasing multiple hostels, time-consuming and easy search with more facilities.

Alahostels has an extensive network that helps us to provide complete information on the widest range of hostels around you. We have made comparisons between hostels so easy that we can guarantee that you get the best hostel at the best price.