Harishankar Photography

Project Details

HariShankar Photography is the creative brainchild of two Engineers turned Photographers, Harish & Shankar. The two childhood friends have, due to their passion and inquisitiveness about innovative photography trends, earned a name in the Wedding Photography Industry. Both Harish & Shankar adore nature, Harish treks and Shankar travels to feed this love of nature which is also often reflected in their work.
Before making photography his everyday gig, Harish had a three-year stint at Amazon from where he decided to take the road less traveled, while Shankar has been working in the Telugu Film industry as an associate director till date. Harish & Shankar live by the words, "Allow your passion to become your purpose and it will one day become your profession".
With talent, a bit of hard work and a lot of passion together they have built up a skilled team. This team is responsible for unobtrusively capturing every single moment of your special day and later presenting it to you in a beautiful way. Every moment that the team collects is expertly weaved into a story for you to look back on even years later in nostalgia and fondness. Every emotion you depict will be recorded forever in the visual story that we create.