What is Digital Marketing? How to Learn Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing? How to Learn Digital Marketing?

Posted on: 24 Jun, 2024

Meet Joe, a digital marketer. He works as head of digital marketing for Amazon. But how did he get here?

A few years ago Joe began to see a large number of opportunities popping up in the field of digital marketing. To begin and enter into this field, he needs to know what exactly Digital Marketing was and what so great about that.

First Joe learned that Digital Marketing is a form of Marketing that can advertise people digitally. Digital Marketing leverage different digital marketing channels like search engines, websites, e-mails, mobile applications, and social media platforms. It would allow marketers to interact with and understand the audience better. And to increase the trust in the market.

Digital Marketing is also to show marketers advertisements to people based on their actions and references on the internet. While being less expensive than the traditional form of advertising.

After understanding the main concepts of digital marketing. Joe realized there was more Digital Marketing than he initially thought.

There are also different types of Digital Marketing: ยท Content Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay-Per-Click
  • Social Media Marketing
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing

    And once he understood those types.

    He set up a digital marketing campaign for his uncle's website. Once we look at how he came up with.

    First Joe created content like blogs, videos, info graphics, and case studies so that he can generate interest in their audience on brands, products, or services. This was Content Marketing.

    Next, he needed his audience to see his content. The first step is to create content on specific search keywords that will be relevant to the target audience. Joe would make optimizations on the websites, and that incredible website linking back to the content. And the website page is ranking on the first page of Search Engine Results.

    By the continuous optimizations, Joe would continue to improve the ranking and ultimately make the website rank in the first position. This was Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

    And Joe can do all of these without paying a single penny.

    Joe can also drive traffic to the website with advertisements. But for this, he would have to pay certain fees for each time the ad clicked. He could add text ads that show up in the search engine results, image ads and video ads that show up on websites, and much more. This was Pay-Per-Click.

    However, Joe wasn't done yet.

    To reach a large audience, he needed to tap into social media platforms, where the audience spends a lot of time on social media. He would use social media platforms like LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to advertise the brand content. He would use these platforms to publish their products or services with pops, images, videos, and more to bring up to the brand store and engage with the brand's visitors.

    Like PPC he can use the platform to advertise products or services through text, image, and video ads. Which needed to be paid. That's Social Media Marketing.

    Joe realized that a large amount of audience was visiting the website a second time. He needs to keep them engaged, nurture them, to make sure they purchase the product. For this he would send the emails, to better understand the products they visited on the website in the system of the buying process to potential customers. That's E-mail Marketing.

    Joe wanted more traffic from third-party websites. This can be achieved by Affiliate Marketing. Affiliates would promote the brand or product to their audience with the help of signups, registrations, conversions, subscriptions, etc. That's Affiliate Marketing.

    After setting all of these up, Joe had the hardest part of the process to get through the wait.

    Now, let's see what happens at the end of Joe's wait.

    Although Joe worked hard in these forms of digital marketing, he had only moderate success. That's when Joe realized to gain more knowledge and experience. So he decided to get certified and grow higher in his career with the help of ZENE Solutions. He took ZENE Solutions Certification and got the skills and training he needed to become an expert digital marketer. And now you know where he is.

    You too can do the same. Enroll now for ZENE Solutions and Gain knowledge on Digital Marketing.

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